Patient Care Assistant Job Duties

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Taking up nursing or medical course is really a tough one. You have to learn every single bone, neuron, muscle and anything that is part of human bodies. Furthermore, diseases, pharmacology, medical and nursing interventions make such course very complex to learn. If you have the heart to take care of patients but don’t have the guts to be a nurse or a doctor, then the job of Patient Care Assistant or widely known as Patient Care Technician might be fitting on you.

But what really are the duties and responsibilities of a PCA or Patient Care Assistant? A PCA’s task is active in rendering care for the patients under the control of a nurse or a medical staff. The patient care assistant assists the nurses and the rest of the medical team about patients’ general medical care. Their jobs are somewhat the same to that of a nursing assistant/nursing aide with added specific responsibilities. For you to know the Patient Care Assistant job duties and responsibilities, take a look of the following:

  • Direct nursing care tasks such as taking patient’s vital signs, assisting lab specimens, rendering hygienic care and helping patients with their activities of daily living and any other functions related to patient care.
  • Chart observations, monitoring patients, and reporting of any unusual changes of patient’s condition are also performed.
  • Carry out specialized procedures such as EKG and the basics of physical therapy, phlebotomy, changing of dressing, post mortem care and others based on their educational scope.
  • Patient Care Assistant Job Duties
  • Accompany from and to any destinations.
  • Take basic clerical occupations such as ordering, receiving and storing of supplies.
  • Engaging in follow-up activities and tracking of patients’ schedules, appointments, and other task involved.
  • Provision of case finding and recruitment of individuals at risk for inclusive health services.
  • Performs various routinely direct patient care procedures like of administrative and environmental support that assist in promoting health, wellness, and safety for the patients and their families.

These are actually the duties and responsibilities of a Patient Care Assistant or Technician. One can work in hospitals, clinics or even in outpatient settings such as companies and homes. Since there functions are similar to that of a nurse, but the nurse have more intricate duties to attend to, so this is actually where patient care assistant takes the role. As they take care of patient, a PCA will be the one to report any changes on the patient’s status, whether it’s a progress or deterioration. So if you really want to be a certified PCA in the mere future, you already know what to expect.